Burger Week #2 – Diner Deluxe

Location: Diner Deluxe

Order: BRISKET & SIRLOIN BURGER – Hand pressed Burger w/Foie Gras & Truffle Terrine, Sunny Side Egg & Double Smoked Bacon on a Brioche Onion Bun.

Diner Deluxe on Urbanspoon

Cost: $20

Rating: 3/5 fist pumps (see below for definition of fist pumps)

This kid x3

This kid x3

The decor in Diner Deluxe flip flops between cheesy and charming.  Old style ads for sodas and cigarettes line the wall,  and an impressive array of hot sauce bottles lines the wall by the kitchen, much like a collection fine wine.  Less tasteful decorations, like a gaudy flamingo mirror, more common in tacky Chinese restaurants, and a fringe lamp, are kept in the bathroom.  The place is packed, especially for a Wednesday.  There’s only one server in the place and she has got her work cut out for her as the restaurant is full of people waiting for a taste of their burger creation.  Readers, I hope that if you ever see a server responsible for the entire place, you will be patient.  It is a pet peeve of mine where people get pissed at staff for understaffing when really it’s a management issue.  So save it for your angry emails and tweets. Rant over.

Jerri and I were in luck, well, sort of.  We managed to snag the last burger, the special was so popular they ran out!  Another management issue: prep appropriately.  So even though Jerri and I had our hearts set on eating our own burger, we would have to settle for half.  Word must have spread about this burger, we could have a potential winner on our hands!

To compensate for a shared burger, we also ordered a breakfast poutine (with bacon) and I got some local organic lemonade.

When our food arrived, as hungry as we were, we hung back for a moment to study the burger and a mystery sauce that was on it.  We had seen the description of the special on the menu board, but one item was foreign: this thick white sauce.  It wasn’t mayonaise, it wasn’t cheese.  By process of elimination, it was determined that the mystery sauce was Foie Gras & Truffle Terrine.  For those of you who don’t know and were going to Google it like I was at the restaurant, let me save you the trouble: Terrine is is a French forcemeat loaf similar to a pâté.  It is normally served cold.  But Diner Deluxe made layers of foie gras and layers of truffle terrine and packed it into, as Jerri called it “fancy mushroom butter”.  Then they sliced off portions and melted it onto the burger.   This “fancy mushroom butter” not only surpasses cheese, it eclipses it.  The truffle has a wild, decadent flavour, paired with the foie gras and bacon, it’s a flavour unlike anything I’ve every experienced.

The burger was a little too crumbly for my liking, this could be due to the type of meat used to make the burger.  I don’t like scrambling for meat crumbles as they fall off the burger, it should be strong enough to hold together as I demolish it like a rabid animal.  The egg was perfectly cooked.  As I smooshed the top bun down, the yolk broke and ran through the toppings, evenly coating everything with a layer of richness.

Diner Deluxe’s fries are different from a classic diner fry, they are thick cut wedges, more like eating a roasted potato than a french fry.  Jerri and I did not really like them. Her reason: not enough surface area for salt.  Mine: Not enough surface area for grease.  Potato wedges have their place – it’s as a side to a steak, that’s it.

Final verdict: This burger was ok.  The truffle/foie gras terrine was creative piqued my interest, but not enough to hold it.  You can skip this one if you want, as time is running out for Burger Week!  I’d like to try the Klondike Burger at the Oak Tavern.

Stay hungry!


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