Burger Week #1 – Flippin Burgers

Location: Flippin’ Burgers

Order: THE SUNNYSIDE FLIPP – 6oz burger, melted smoked gouda, sautéed mushrooms and peppers, frizzled onions, and baby spinach on a fresh white Kaiser with melted garlic butter, topped with Provencal mustard an egg and a smoke sauce.

Cost: $10
Flipp'n Burgers on Urbanspoon

Rating: 4/5 fist pumps (see below for definition of fist pumps)

This kid X4

In the interest of keeping your interest, I will keep these posts as brief and entertaining as possible.

Flippin’ Burgers is a small joint just off the major Kensington Strip. When asking for directions, it’s hard to miss because it’s the place in between the dollar store and bong shop.  If you hit the Safeway, you’ve gone too far.

I popped my burger week cherry with the Sunnyside Flipp.  Any guesses why I picked the burger? Don’t read ahead if you want to make a real guess. If you have read the blog and answered “because it has a fried egg” you’d be 100% right and I’d give you 100 respect points.  If you haven’t read the blog, my ego is a little smaller because of you!

Flippin’ Burgers is a great locale, even if it does feel a little cramped on the inside.  The walls are solid with classic framed photos of old town New York City, with black and white pictures of construction workers playing golf on a skyscraper and ladies with large hoop skirts.  Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are crooning in the background and the burnt orange walls make you forget for a moment that it’s 2014, rather you’re sitting in a diner in midtown Manhattan.  Seating is limited, so make sure you either get there early or after the lunch hour.

My friend Tiffany and I place our order for two Burger Week specials and a side of onion rings, and I opt for one of the Cokes they store in their fridge – the ones in the classic glass bottles.  The service is great, I can’t get over how friendly the staff are. This is one of the perks that you get when going to local businesses – this is a person’s passion, and it shows in the care that they take in their work.

The menu is interesting, definitely worth a visit just to check out the toppings.  A standard burger can be ordered, and then it’s up to the customer to dress it up with fixings.  Some are added at no extra charge, but if you want it, you could get a fried egg on your burger for an extra dollar.  We’re here for the Burger Week special though.  And when it arrives, the presentation makes our mouths water.

The addition of roasted yellow and red peppers layered against the spinach gives the burger great color against the backdrop of the multigrain bun.  There is a rich buttery smell of garlic butter wafting up and mixing in with the salty smell of fried onions.  We wait just long enough to take the obligatory food photos and then it’s time to tuck in.  It’s delicious.  The meat is well cooked, NOT overcooked, as is the downfall of so many establishments. The spinach gives the burger an extra smooth, rich taste that lettuce just doesn’t.  And the garlic butter!  Butter is the ultimate food assist: the Scottie Pippen to the Michael Jordan.  The only sad part was that I could not taste the egg.  Contrary to it’s name, the Sunnyside Flipp did not have a sunnyside up egg, rather a fried one.  That’s ok, but if the yolk is left in a more liquid state, I find it acts like a secondary sauce, like getting extra mayo, and adds extra richness to the overall result.  As a result, I didn’t enjoy the egg as much as I could have if it was fried.

Summary: this is a burger worth trying.  It’s the perfect portion of food to fill you up with out making you sick. Flippin’ Burgers should definitely keep this one around well after Burger Week is over.

Disagree? Got another burger I should try? Write anytime, down below. 

Stay hungry!




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