YYC Burger Week May 2-10

It’s to burger enthusiasts what Fashion week is to…well…you get the idea.  YYC Burger Week began last year, to great success.  I know, it’s a real hard sell trying to convince Albertans to eat more delicious Alberta Beef.  YYC Burger Week is a fantastic concept: encouraging Calgarians to eat locally, and supporting charities at the same time.

Last year’s winner, Naina’s Kitchen, looks to repeat their domination of the competition this year with their offering: The Pepper Steak Stuffed Burger

Check out the website for all competitors: http://www.yycburgerweek.ca/burgers.html BEWARE, the photos on this page are so graphically delicious, you might want to eat before viewing to avoid excessive drooling on your keyboard.

I hope you attend! If you eat a burger, post your review in the comments below so readers can know what is hot, and what is not.  I’ll be shooting to try at least 3 burgers before the week is up and will post my findings after Burger Week is over.  Hopefully I’ll get a taste of the soon to be 2014 YYC Burger Week Champ!


Happy Hunting



8 thoughts on “YYC Burger Week May 2-10

  1. Finally found a place to leave reviews.

    One of the places i really enjoy going to is fine diner in inglewood. so i was pretty stoked about the surf and turf, and it became #1 on the to try list. i love going to naina’s kitchen, so didn’t want to do that first either, because everything could be a disappointment too.

    so to fine diner! the plate comes out on a plate that seems really big for the size of the table. really don’t care about that. presentation: looks just like the picture on the yycburgerweek.com, so definately a good sign. initial looks are impressive. you can see the lobster, and my mouth started to water, wondering why i haven’t eaten it yet.

    first bite, damn, that is one really tasty and juicy patty! a few bites in now, and i am going to say, from the places i’ve been to, this has to be the tastiest patty thus far. but wait, where’s the lobster? it then dawn on me, the texture was there, but i never actually tasted the lobster. the cheese combined with the patty completely overpowered any taste from the lobster.

    the bun, was ok, nothing special. topped with tomatoes lettuce, and red onions. didn’t really seem to notice it either. the fries, which were deep dried in duck fat…… tasted pretty bland.

    so how would i rate this thing? well super tasty patty, not a very big patty though, couldn’t taste the lobster, at $18 too much for what we’re getting compared to other places, side dish of fries were really bland, and i guess the final question would be, would i order this again? simply put, No. i would give it a 2.5/5

    thank you hamburger pants for giving me an outlet for this! will post more as i hit more places

      • i’ve been there a few times, call ahead and make reservations. the food has always been pretty good there. my review pertains only to the specific burgerweek burger. and as far as i know. one of the locations explained to me that everything on the burger is supposed to be what is normally stocked in their kitchen, and they need to make a special burger that is not on their menu. so this could be their normal patty for their burgers. ironically, that was the first burger i had there.

  2. today’s choice was based more of convenience, we had three to choose from in bridgeland, so we hit Blue Star diner for the THE MIGHTY BRIDGELAND (Alberta Wagyu Beef with Shropshire blue cheese, double smoked bacon, a fried egg, Bluestar Mustard, Mums green tomato relish and butter leaf lettuce served on a rustic pretzel bun.)

    again, presentation – flawless, looked exactly as i was expecting from the pictures.

    grabbing the burger, the juice just started flowing out of this thing like you wouldn’t believe, but it also immediately busted the yolk on the egg on top, losing the taste from that. because of all the juice i was expecting a nice juicy double burger. sadly, it wasn’t. both patties were pretty dry. the reason we picked this place over the other two in bridgeland was that this was wagyu beef. it could’ve been any beef at this point. it was bland and too dry. but bite after bite, all i kept tasting was pineapple. not to be foreign to the idea, but i love a well made pineapple cheeseburger. but this wasn’t the good pineapple, it tasted like cheap canned pineapple. i went to double check what was in this burger, and it turns out, this was the green tomato relish. bite after bite, all i can taste was cheap pineapple, then BAM i taste the egg, then poof back to the cheap pineapple.

    the pretzel bun was a good choice, but again, if you can taste it over the pineapple.. err .. relish. the double smoked bacon….. if it wasn’t for the fact that i can see it, i wouldn’t have even known that it was there. the fries were tasty, about a standard decent amongst a few different diners that i’ve been to. my friend had a salad, which he deemed too healthy in taste.

    rating time. Alberta wagyu beef, dry and tasteless, holy smokes there was blue cheese in here? didn’t even know. bacon was *well* there, no taste to it. the egg was an interesting touch, and was the closest thing i had to washing some of the pineapple taste away. bluestar mustard, i saw it, that’s about it. mums green tomato relish, well that’s all i could taste, really didn’t like it. overall at $20 the portion was generous with the double patty, but it might as well not have even been there, would i order this again. definately not! i am going to give this a 1/5.

  3. Burger #3: Naina’s Kitchen
    i discovered Naina’s kitchen last year because of burger week, and i haven’t stopped going here, so i hoped that it will live up to every burger i’ve had there. i’m not going to be biased about it, but this will pertain strictly to the burger week special, PEPPER STEAK STUFFED BURGER, Strips of moist peppery steak, sautéed onions and peppers and a gooey combination of Stilton and Mozzarella cheese, all inside a 1/2 lb char broiled beef burger.

    the burger came out, in the same fashion as all of the previous burger i’ve had there. it didn’t look exactly like the picture, but this isn’t a 5 star restaurant. the food here is definately 5 star though, so i’ve never cared what it looked like.

    first bite, just the perfect amount of juiciness, something naina’s always seems to get perfect. the combination of taste just filled my mouth. it was meaty, very meaty, and definately tasty. bite after bite, the taste was perfectly uniform and absolutely amazing. i usually take a break part way through a burger to eat the side dishes, i seriously did not want to put this thing down. it was just that good.

    they truly have lived up to expectations and as reigning burgerweek champs. i haven’t tried all of the burgers for burgerweek, but this one is definate must try!

    rating: nice thick juicy stuffed patty, delicious uniform taste, i really have nothing bad to say about this burger. 5/5

  4. Burger #4: BRANT LAKE WAGYU BURGER, from Craft. Roasted garlic and thyme wagyu patty, mushroom and chili duxelle percorino, bacon relish, crispy onions on a house made pretzel bun.

    wasn’t too excited to come and try this one. but it worked into everyone’s schedule and location. after the blue star diner with the other wagyu burger i wasn’t going to expect too much.

    the picture of this thing looked colossal, so when it arrived, a little disappointed that it didn’t look anything like the picture. same with everyone else’s at my table. but the guy next to us, his looked exactly like the picture.

    first bite, definately a tasty bun, which complemented the burger well. they must have run out of lettuce, because i got chunks of the stalk. so i pulled those out. the patty itself, just like the blue star wagyu patty was dry, not as dry as the blue star diner one, but has room for improvement.

    second bite was an important one, this hit everything else on the burger. and i was pleasantly surprised with the combination. the combination of everything was definately tasty. almost powerful enough to cover the dryness of the patty.

    Overall, not a terrible burger, a good burger, but not a great burger. a little dry, but combined with everything, it was still tasty. would i order it again? probably, but would i go out of my way to go get it. most likely not. i would give this burger 3/5

  5. Burger #5: STUFFED VEAL AND ALBERTA BEEF BURGER, from Houston’s Public House. Veal and Beef burger stuffed with smoked gouda, with our homemade burger sauce, leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, red onions, a pickle, all served on a traditional sesame seed burger bun.

    so picking through the list yesterday for a place to hit today, we discovered that Houston’s was also a stuffed burger, and seeing how much we loved naina’s stuffed burgers, this made the top of the list and hit that place today. i’ve driven by this place i can’t tell you how many times, just never thought to go inside.

    so the burger arrives, we really had no expectations, because there was no pictures of this on the website until after we ate the burger. comparing it now, it is pretty close, but with a sesame seed bun instead. on the plus side they had a really nice list to choose from for sides.

    first bite, the traditional sesame seed bun was crispy, and just screamed pub burger. on the one side of things, this is supposed to be a gourmet burger, where i expect to see a better bun, but on the other hand, this is a pub.

    the patty was soft, juicy, and tender. very uniform to the point you couldn’t really tell that it was stuffed. but it was also nice and thick and extremely tasty. i was thoroughly enjoying this burger, when i took my next bite, that was right in the middle of the patty, when the smoked gouda popped up to the party. it was a nice treat!

    Overall, this is a great burger, a nice amount of juiciness, excellent taste, but personally i think it could’ve used a better bun. would i go here again? i had to ask the waitress if this was going to be a regular menu item, because if it was i would stop here again for this. this burger took me by surprise, i would almost give it a perfect rating, but the bun didn’t do it for me, so 4.5/5

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