“What I’ve enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real interest in food and sharing ideas with them. Good food is a global thing and I find that there is always something new and amazing to learn – I love it! ”
Jamie Oliver

I have had the privilege of dining at Holy Grill on numerous occasions for breakfast, but never for lunch.  Nolan, recommender of such reputable establishments such as Clive Burger, recommended a stop to Holy Grill.  And since he was leaving for Halifax in two days, it seemed a perfect send off.  I always take special interest in Nolan’s recommendations because they are rare, ergo, a restaurant must be pretty special to get said praise.

Enjoying a perfect fall day, we sat outside while we waited for our orders: A Ranch Burger for me and a Gourmet Burger for Nolan.  Nolan’s Gourmet Burger was delicious.  The bleu cheese complimented the avocado perfectly, with the avocado balancing out the strong tang of the bleu cheese, such that the overall impression was a creamy texture that was the perfect compliment to the crispy grilled bun.  Nolan and I, who don’t really like bleu cheese, agreed that it works in this burger.   I love it when someone prepares food so well, it makes you like food you normally wouldn’t. Now if only Holy Grill could work their magic with brussel sprouts.

My Ranch Burger, on the other hand, was a disappointment.  In the end, it was Colonel Mustard in the Holy Grill with over aggressive flavor that killed my enjoyment.  The Ranch burger features an AMAZING barbecue sauce, which I enjoyed immensely when it dripped out of the burger onto the fries.  But this amazing flavor was drowned out in a sea of mustard.  It would have been so much better if Holy Grill only used barbecue sauce, and forgot about the mustard.  I’m sorry to say, for this reason, the Ranch Burger did not make my top burger list.

Nolan and I discussed the Ranch Burger Disappointment during the meal: is it wrong to make substitutions on a burger?  We agreed that one should always sample a menu item as-is, and then make adjustments based on that experience.  Had Nolan asked for no bleu cheese when he first got the Gourmet Burger, a tasty opportunity would have been missed.  Also, it seems arrogant to waltz into a restaurant and think that you could do better than someone who makes their livelihood on food.  It’s like watching only certain parts of a movie you’ve never seen before.   So yes, I’m glad I sampled the Ranch Burger as is, but upon future visits, I will be asking for my order sans mustard with extra BBQ sauce.

Two important things to know about Holy Grill burgers:

They are great value – a sit-down restaurant sized portion for only $7.50 INCLUDING fries? AMAZING

Two patties – Holy Grill builds their burgers using 2 patties, which I suspect allows them to cook faster and move through orders more efficiently.

In summary, Holy Grill is amazing.  I love the people and the food.  I recommend Holy Grill for breakfast above anything else: the Farmhouse Panini and Smashbrowns are a taste EXPLOSION!  Great value for your dollar, and it’s serve-your-own-coffee.  If you haven’t been to Holy Grill yet, make a trip. Bon appetit!

Holy Grill on Urbanspoon


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